About Us

Mars Digital Audio has been operating since 1989 and serves the advertising, film/video, industrial, e-learning and radio markets. We provide high-quality recording with fast turnaround at very competitive rates. We have thousands of sound effects and stock music cuts on site. We have a large pool of talented voice performers and actors available. Finished files are sent to you directly via cable modem FTP. Our specialty in recent years has been recording medical e-leaning voice-overs. With a knowledgeable engineer following your script and assistance with pronunciation from a variety of hard copy and online resources we pride ourselves in the ability to get difficult medical scripts recorded correctly the first time. We've produced nationally syndicated radio shows including: "Forever Knight- the Radio Show!", "The Official Monty Python Radio Show", "John Madden's Sports Quiz" and "John Madden's Sports Calendar". We've worked on many independent films and created trailer soundtracks for Miramax Films. We've recorded shows for Public Radio like "SOUNDPRINT" and have mixed several PRI radio documentaries for PEACETALKS. Our corporate clients include: Merck, Sanofi-Aventis, Daiichi-Sankyo, Allergan Inc., Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Pfizer, Janssen, AT&T, Walmart, IKEA, Comcast, BioMarin, Shionogi, Astra Zeneca, Sony Entertainment Group and many,many others. We've created thousands and thousands of radio spots and tv voice-overs and mixes for our clients. We create audio files for internet/intranet and telephony applications. We can score Quicktime movies and optimize audio for Flash. We produce audio CD's and podcasts for: teaching and training, for self-help programs and sales force newsletter programming. We can "go remote" and make great digital recordings or set up a public address system at your location. Let Mars record your next audio project!